What is CIPP?

Looking for a creative, cost-efficient solution to your pipe rehabilitation needs? The strength, life expectancy, chemical resistance, increased flow, fast and non-disruptive installation, and the economic advantages of cured-in-place pipe have been proven worldwide.

A cured in place pipe is a structural liner that is manufactured on site inside of an existing buried pipe or conduit. The liner consists of a flexible tube manufactured from a polyester felt fiber material, fiberglass, or a combination of the two that is saturated with a harden-able resin system. The length and thickness of the liner is sized and engineered according to the pipe length, diameter and load requirements.

The liner is installed either by pulling it into position or by inverting it into position using air or water pressure (shown below). Once in place, the liner is inflated with a constant pressure to conform to the existing pipe's shape. It is then hardened by the application of heat (via hot water or steam), exposure to UV light, or ambient air temperature depending on the initiation chemicals contained in the resin system.

Once fully cured, service laterals to homes or businesses must be reinstated by cutting a hole in the liner at these connections. If the pipe diameter is too small for man-entry and the use of hand held cutting tools, the laterals are reinstated using a camera and remote controlled cutting device.

More About CIPP

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