About National Liner

For more than 25 years National Liner has provided the products, materials and technical knowledge that qualified cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) installers trust. Located in the Midwestern United States, National Liner supports installers throughout the United States and Canada to ensure that CIPP projects get done right.

Certified CIPP Installers benefit from National Liner’s research and development, extensive experience and ongoing technical support. The strong buying power that National Liner delivers means that only the highest quality liners, resin and hardeners are now available to even small contractors at a reasonable price. National Liner arms CIPP installers with all the tools they need to succeed and delivers immediate brand recognition through our approved specifications and reputation. If you are a contractor interested in joining the National Liner network, click here.

Engineers and system owners appreciate that National Liner meets or exceeds ASTM specifications for CIPP, delivering confidence that installations will be performed with the highest level of quality materials. National Liner, in close partnership with our liner manufacturers, work with your installer to trouble-shoot in the field and off, ensuring successful installations with high performing results for even your most challenging projects. To find a National Liner installer near you, click here.

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